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Quantum Democracy http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , how hard it’s to express an concept by no means before mentioned, perhaps with another method. But one has to begin somehow, by some error, speculation or theory. This is exactly why I allow myself to express this with the emphasis on science but inside a theological context.

Nearly each day one has much more coordination, even with people from other continents as I watched all these years on the internet. At first, we shared info through e-mail, forums and IRC; then arrived the groundbreaking Social Networks and finally Twitter http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , a micro-blogging which assists a great deal those who wish to absorb big and quick, ideas outlined in 145 characters.

Now, creating a comparison in between electronic coordination and organic coordination (i.e., the fundamental features of our human organism, such as as body language, voice and hearing); numerous Pros and cons are observed, which http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , if combined, will take us to an nearly perfect organization.

So, in order to give a clearer image, Quantum Physics is giving explanations that Scientists and Religions couldn’t provide before, since the usually contradicted with each other. We’re conscious that the human physique is made up of hundreds of thousands of organisms that offer functions so we are able to develop on the planet; it is simple to interpret if we look it in the outside, completely rational, interacting with one another. But when approached at microscopic anatomical levels http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , our composition is according to entropy, which is why we age and die: is really a natural legislation of lifestyle and existence.

We consider this as a metaphor, simply because if we appear as we’re having a group of individuals trying to organize ourselves, our ego and will of energy, sooner or later will lead to conflict and thus separations of ideologies based on misunderstanding and ignorance. But if we zoom out and see a Nation, we see an order and despite the uncertainties and economic crises, we can survive and also have a family http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , appreciate a dawn with them, meals, sunset, conversations and all that life entails. But when we compare on an international scale, the United Nations can also be entropic, there are common interests, but its method is starting to become obsolete also; creating an analogy compared with Computer Software program http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , we can say that this method is outdated and therefore it’s cycling and our motherboard (Nature) begins to wear off till the circuits break down and can’t not be used. The primary trigger is really a structural violence that’s making that a large number of individuals turn out to be conscious of what is happening globally. Other people are blinded below the system’s virus.

Why Quantum Democracy? There’s Physics, Gravity, Chemistry, Foam Mechanics, Quantum Computing (amongst others). Quantum Computing is giving rise to new amounts of information processing, we know that a computer processes information quicker than a human brain, it can also do numerous functions and store information inside a database to manage it increasingly more efficiently.

Even though our database is completely subjective http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , we as people, have the power of choice. Computer systems are completely objective based on the stored info and also the processing given to it.

If we evaluate the human brain with people organization, we can understand that people are like neurons, creating synapses amongst us to reach an objective that advantages a certain region and do what our nature dictates. When we take our time and meditate about this, comparing the Brain with the World, i am certain we can get a good concept of how this really is controlled.

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