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Clearly, he has the ability to run much faster, havi

Yan Lianke http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Ty … ft-Jersey/ ,writer.[Photo provided to China Daily]
Leading Chinese universities have been using creative writing workshops to help nurture the country's literary talent for a few years now, although debate about whether writers can be trained has gone on at least since 2009.

Renmin University has taken this approach a step further by launching its first postgraduate course for creative writing earlier this month.

It has also used a special way to select candidates called "independent recruitment" to help find talent for the course.

"We hoped to focus more on the candidates' writing rather than other elements which are examined in the existing system, like scores of English or other subjects," says Yan Lianke, an established writer and professor at the university.

"It also made it easier for us to find people that write really well http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-St … ft-Jersey/ ," says Yan, adding the eight students for the course were picked by a committee of evaluators.

Yan compared the selection process to a trial conducted in 1988, when the LuXun Literature Institute and Beijing Normal University launched a similar master's course.

Mo Yan, Yu Hua, Liu Zhenyun http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Sh … ft-Jersey/ , Chi Zijian and Yan Geling, all of whom have become major writers with their own styles and contributions, attended that course.

In the recent past, the trend of creative writing courses was started by Shanghai's Fudan University in 2009. But writer Wang Anyi who has been helping train potential writers there, says that "students tend to imitate. They struggle to find their own voices".

More universities then joined the bandwagon to offer a master's degree in creative writing http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Sa … ft-Jersey/ , following a model pioneered by the University of Iowa in the United States, which began offering the course in the 1930s.

Liu Zhenyun, writer.[Photo provided to China Daily]

The university jumped into the fray last year, even as the discussion over whether writers can be trained by universities continues.

Peking University says in its training goals that its graduates are suitable for jobs that require refined skills and creativity.

Meanwhile, other universities claim that their graduates can cater to the market needs of writing for drama http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Ry … ft-Jersey/ , film, TV, animation and more.

"You cannot teach anybody to write," French Sinologist Sylvie Gentil tells China Daily. "What you can do is to help them to write better."

The translator of both Mo Yan and Yan Lianke's novels, Gentil was invited to the launch of the program at Renmin University.

However http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Ni … ft-Jersey/ , Beijing-based translator and publishing consultant Eric Abrahamsen says he thinks there are many aspects to being an author.

Abrahamsen has been introducing Chinese literature to an international audience through Paper Republic, an organization which runs a website under the same name to introduce Chinese writers to the English-speaking world.

"Some of them depend on innate talent, but many can be taught," Abrahamsen says, adding that "the basic lessons provided in creative writing courses are still very useful to the majority of young Chinese writers".

"We're not there to train but to inspire them with experience http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Ma … ft-Jersey/ , widen their horizons, and create an atmosphere of peer exchanges," Yan says.

Writer Liu Zhenyun agrees that universities can offer a writer nothing but a good exposure to people with knowledge and insights.

Yan will join hands with Liu and literary critic Sun Yu and others in conducting a series of lectures, discussions, fieldwork and even overseas trips.

Among those on the list of lecturers to be invited to the university is Chinese-American writer Ha Jin http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-La … ft-Jersey/ , who writes mainly in English.

Other celebrated translators, publishers and literary agents are also being tapped, says Yan.

Yan hopes the student writers can foster an international outlook early on.

"I think Yan Lianke also wants them to be familiar with the way the international publishing industry works," says Abrahamsen.

Echoing his views, Gentil says: "In our world http://www.texansfansshop.com/Texans-Ke … ft-Jersey/ , exchange is important. The young writers have the opportunity to go abroad. Meeting with writers from other countries is a great chance."

Gentil has faith in the Yan-Liu combine. She says the two writers are ready to support talented Chinese youth and have a deep understanding of life and human nature.

"They are not going to impose their ideas on their students, but ask them questions, and guide them on the way to find their own answers. They are a good team," she adds.

Yan says: "Though we cannot make them successful writers through teaching, we can tell them how to avoid detours on the writing path."

NAIROBI, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Ishhimael Chemtan said Tuesday he will go out at full throttle to win the Toronto marathon on Oct. 16 to prove his critics he deserved the narrow win in last year's event.

But the winner has not forgotten it was less than a second that separated him from Gilbert Kirwa earning victory in 2:09:00. The two will face each other again next month.

"I remember it was very cold during the 2015 race," said Chemtan after his training in Iten. "My shape and preparation is better than last year. My best time is 2:08:20 and I believe I will be able to run better this year. I am looking to run under 2:08."

Clearly, he has the ability to run much faster, having beaten athletes with superior personal best times over the years. Kirwa, for instance, has run 2:06:14. In April this year, Chemtan finished second at the Milan Marathon, setting that 2:08:20 personal best.

Both Chemtan and Kirwa have been preparing to do battle on the streets of Canada's largest city with the latter eager to turn the tables after coming so close a year ago. Losing in a sprint was more than just a matter of pride.

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