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Fireworks explode at opening ceremony of 2017 Astana EXPO

DHAKA cheap asics gel scram 3 , Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Driven by ready-made garments, Bangladesh's exports in the first month of the current 2017-18 fiscal year ending next June surged over 26 percent to 3.21 billion U.S. dollars, said an official Wednesday.

The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) official told Xinhua that export performance for July was 3.207 billion U.S. dollars, 26.54 percent higher than that in the same month a year ago.

Despite robust growth, the official who preferred to be unnamed said Bangladesh's July export earnings were about 1 percent lower than the 3.239 billion U.S. dollars target set for the last month.

Of the total earnings, he said the country's income from ready-made garment items, including knitwear and woven, stood at about 2.48 billion U.S. dollars in the last month of the current fiscal year.

The EPB data showed knitwear garment export grew 17.28 percent to 1.26 billion U.S. dollars while woven garments increased 16.88 percent to 1.22 billion U.S. dollars, comparing with the same period of last fiscal year.

It showed Bangladesh's export income in the past 2016-17 fiscal year grew 1.69 percent year-on-year to reach 34.66 billion U. S. dollars, falling short of the projected target by 5.85 percent.

Bangladesh set its export target in 2017-18 fiscal year at 37.50 billion U.S. dollars, including 30.16 billion U.S. dollars from ready-made garment products, the EPB data showed.

Aftermath of 7.0-magnitude quake in Jiuzhaigou, SW China

70 years of ethnic autonomy means solidarity, prosperity

German-Chinese Law Dictionary launched in Berlin

Death toll rises to 24 from flash flood in SW China

People mark national Fitness Day around China

Aerial view of Gula Town in S China

Qiandao Lake: Home to 114 known fish species

Delicious in-flight meal for BRICS Summit

HONG KONG, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Food Safety authority of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said Monday that it has decided to suspend import of poultry products from a province of South Korea due to avian influenza outbreak there.

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) of the HKSAR's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department said that in view of a notification from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) about an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N6 avian influenza in Jeollanam-do, a southwestern province in South Korea, the CFS has ordered suspension of import of poultry meat and products, including poultry eggs, from the province with immediate effect to protect public health in Hong Kong.

A CFS spokesman said that in the first nine months of this year, Hong Kong imported about 77 tons of frozen and chilled poultry meat and 390,000 poultry eggs from South Korea.

The spokesman said that the CFS has contacted the South Korean authorities over the issue and will closely monitor information issued by the OIE on avian influenza outbreaks. Appropriate action will be taken in response to the development of the situation.

BEIJING, June 10 (Xinhua) -- China is highly unlikely to see a mid-year liquidity crisis this year, and there will be no repeat of the "unusual market fluctuations" seen in June 2013, a central bank-affiliated newspaper said.

In an editorial published Saturday, Financial News, under the People's Bank of China (PBOC), dismissed fears of the reoccurring of a mid-year liquidity crunch in the wake of increases to deposit rates at a few banks.

As China's monetary policy is currently "neither too tight nor too loose," the overall liquidity condition in the banking sector is good, it said.

A credit crunch at Chinese banks in June 2013 caused interbank interest rates to surge by double digits and pounded the market, sparking concern among investors.

Only a few banks have increased deposit rates and they do not represent the whole picture, the newspaper said, noting that China's major lenders were stable with healthy debt structures.

Meanwhile, it's normal for commercial banks to adjust deposit rates and the yield rates of certain financial products, it added.

It also addressed fears over capital outflow due to the possible U.S. Federal Reserve rate hike this month, the central bank's macro prudential assessment (MPA) on commercial banks, and continued financial tightening and deleveraging will add pressure to market liquidity.

The authorities have already made moves ahead of the expected Fed rate increase, while the MPA, a formal evaluation covering loans and other assets, together with the ongoing financial scrutiny, will actually help stem financial risk, said the newspaper.

Financial institutions and market players should remain rational toward mid-year liquidity conditions by staying vigilant while avoiding panic and chaos. "There is no need to exaggerate the liquidity risk," it said.

The PBOC injected 498 billion yuan (73.3 billion U.S. dollars) into the financial system via medium-term lending facility (MLF) on Tuesday, which is described by the newspaper as "a clear signal" of keeping liquidity "basically stable" by providing medium- and long-term funds.

It struck a confident tone that the central bank will make similar moves "at any time" based on market conditions to keep market liquidity at a level that is "neither too tight nor too loose."

China calls for solidarity, cooperation as SCO admits new members

Trump affirms commitment to NATO's mutual defence clause

In pics: Finland 100th Anniversary Air Show

Altay's isolation from railway network comes to an end

Fireworks explode at opening ceremony of 2017 Astana EXPO

In pics: wall painting in Anji County, E China

Chinese fisherman sticks to tradition of catching fish with ospreys

China's manned submersible Jiaolong completes 150th dive

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