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The bathroom is one of the more important par

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ISLAMABAD Women's Roquan Smith Jersey , Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- At least five people were killed and 25 others injured when a bomb went off in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of Bajaur Agency on Friday afternoon, local Urdu media reported.

ARY News said that the target of the blast has not been ascertained yet, and all the victims were pedestrians.

Local political administration said that some unknown militants detonated roadside planted explosives with a remote controlled device and fled the scene.

The injured people were shifted to a nearby hospital where three of them are said to be in critical condition.

Security forces cordoned off the area for investigations.

The explosion has not been claimed by any group or person yet.?

Central delegation travels around Inner Mongolia for 70th anniversary

Temporary settlements established in quake-hit Sichuan

Sunset scenery seen from research vessel "Kexue"

Highlights of Int'l Army Games 2017 in Russia

Highlights of multinational drill in Georgia

People mark national Fitness Day around China

Aerial view of Gula Town in S China

Qiandao Lake: Home to 114 known fish species

RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Plane manufacturer Airbus was sentenced to pay 30 million reals (9.15 million U.S. dollars) in reparations for 33 victims of a crash involving one of the company's aircraft, local media said on Monday.

The deal has been confirmed by a Brazilian court. It is the first time Airbus was ruled partially responsible for the crash of TAM Flight 3054 in a case of financial reparations.

An Airbus A320 plane crashed into a warehouse during landing near the Congonhas airport Hroniss Grasu Jersey , in Sao Paulo, in 2007. None aboard the plane survived, and death count reached 199 including those killed on the ground.

The crash remains the deadliest plane accident that has ever occurred in Brazil.

Ten years later, no one was found guilty for the crash. Three people were formally accused, but they were all acquitted.

Investigations showed that one of the plane's thrust levers was in accelerate position instead of being in idle Jonathan Bullard Jersey , the normal condition during landing. However, it was not possible to determine whether it was due to human or mechanical failure.

According to airliner TAM, which operated the flight, the families of 197 out of the 199 victims received monetary reparations from the company.

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Texture and Colour

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