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Nave Newcomer: Subverted, Anna is very cynical.Now reduced to a more balanced level with a smaller magazine, lower damage and slightly less range. During the closed beta, by either bug or poor design, the SMG had such a low spread that its 10 points of damage at long range could kill a target was no issue even with full automatic fire.Albert Pujols has hit into 353 career double plays. The double play against Oakland on August 4 was career double play number 351. That when Pujols broke a first place tie. That when he assumed sole possession. He hit into more double plays since, and that only inflated his record. Albert Pujols has become the all time double play leader.The one seen in Europe seems to be stitched together. And also the gigantic blob of flesh resulted from hundreds of zombies fusing together. Off with His Head!: Mitani gets decapitated by the landing gear of an airplane that's crashing down the street, seconds after experiencing Fingore. 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Great Shorts and the build quality seems to good.  The size was smaller than I thought it would be, need s better sizing instructions.
   Johann Forsthuber
Perfect shirt, looks and feels great
   Evelin Quinteros

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