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GRE Mathematics Tutorial Probability

Probability is a sub-topic of data analysis, one of the four major math topics tested on Quant (in addition to arithmetic, algebra, and geometry). Unlike these larger topics, however, probability doesn’t play a significant role on the GRE. In fact, you’ll probably encounter only a couple of GRE probability questions in total — typically no more than two or three.

Still, it’s important you understand what probability is and how it’s often tested on the GRE. This way, you’ll be able to solve for the correct answer, ultimately raising your chance of achieving a high Quant score.

So what exactly is GRE Mathematics Tutorial Probability? In math, probability is a way for us to describe uncertainty and the possible outcomes of an experiment using numbers. These numbers indicate the likelihood of a certain event or group of events occurring and can be written as integers, decimals, or fractions.

On the GRE, probability questions can take on a variety of formats, including multiple choice, Quantitative Comparison, and Numeric Entry. Whether a question calls for fractions or decimals is usually clarified by the question or answer choices. Thus, a probability question discussing probabilities in decimals will probably ask for an answer in decimals. Answer choices, if supplied, are typically written either all in decimals or all in fractions.

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